Members and supports of Uzima are diverse and represent a cross section of all Canadians. There are members from over 10 African countries, Jamaica, Asia as well as Caucasians of European origin.

Uzima Women Relief Group International is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2012. Uzima is a Kiswahili word meaning wellness. The organization works to alleviate poverty and augment wellness among at-risk populations facing health challenges brought about by lack of access to medical care and medicines, good nutrition and education for both women and men with a focus on women empowerment.

Our Goals and Objectives

• To help alleviate property through empowering women and girls to attain higher education.

• To train women in methods of improved living conditions and better lifestyles of their families through educational and improved agricultural practices.

• To offer unique volunteer trips to developing countries that allow volunteers to participate in relief of poverty through education, better agriculture, health practices and income activities. 


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